33 Unique Naming Ideas for your Fashion, Beauty and Makeup Blog

With thousands of style related blogs for women in the blogosphere, it is becoming more important to have a catchy and interesting name that helps you to attract and retain readers.

You need something to show potential visitors to your site how you’re different, how you’re special and how you’re awesome. And most of all, why they should click into your blog to check it out.

A creatively unique name can work wonders. If you don’t know ‘what’s in a name’, it’s time to find out.

Have a look through these 33 fashion and beauty blogs that have relatively one-of-a-kind names that use a combination of naming techniques to create meaningful brands:

  1. Beauty Chronicles of Elgee
  2. Fashion Vixens Network
  3. Quick Cheap and Pretty
  4. Macky Says
  5. Geeky Fashionista
  6. Cristinas Beauty Box
  7. She Said He Said
  8. Musings of a Makeup Maven
  9. Gold and Silver Sparkles
  10. Springboard for Success
  11. Stressed, Depressed, Still Well Dressed
  12. Edge of Jade
  13. A Little Over Thirty
  14. Fashion and Fun after Fifty
  15. Diary of a Glitter Fiend
  16. Madames Made Up
  17. Be-you-tiful
  18. Momos Moment
  19. The Manicure Hut
  20. Wonder and Shine
  21. 51 is the new 62
  22. Half a Teaspoon
  23. Crissies Mind
  24. Chic Intentions
  25. The Big Megowski
  26. Fashion and Cookies
  27. Delphinium Mist
  28. Small Budget Beauty
  29. Shimmer of Pink
  30. Styled by Paige
  31. Nail Glaze
  32. Thou Shalt Not Covet
  33. Tales from my Caboodles

Some of them are quite simple while others are more clever with their wordplay. Evidently, both approaches can be effective in producing good quality names.

One thing’s for sure, by combining your own name with some fashion or beauty related phrase or keywords, you should be able to come up with a name that’s original and uniquely yours.

42 Great Examples of Uniquely Cool Blog Names

New bloggers need a truly memorable name to help their blog to stand out from all the other websites on the Internet. But coming up with a unique name is not easy.

There are many techniques to make up a name that’s one-of-a-kind – you can use quirkiness and a bit of weirdness, but on the whole, the most successful names normally include relevant puns and clever word play.

One of the best ways to figure out what makes an effective name is to review a list of good examples. Here are 42 cool blog names that are sure to give you lots of ideas:

  1. Weakonomics
  2. Shrink Rap
  3. Cats In Sinks
  4. Babyrazzi
  5. Man vs. Debt
  6. Bakerella
  7. Traffick
  8. Pizza Therapy
  9. Freakonomics
  10. Hippy Shopper
  11. Fork You!
  12. Shelteriffic
  13. Rawmazing
  14. DoshDosh
  15. Culturistas
  16. Blogriculture
  17. Give Me Moore!
  18. Metrocurean
  19. Skool Days
  20. ShoeMoney
  21. Saving for Serenity
  22. Lipsticking
  23. Sacatomato
  24. Chicagoist
  25. Field of Schemes
  26. Shoewawa
  27. Simmer Till Done
  28. wry toast
  29. Eat. Drink. Smile.
  30. Bake at 350
  31. Centsational Girl
  32. Eagletarian
  33. Angry Chicken
  34. Petite Planet
  35. Rambling Spoon
  36. Joystiq
  37. Mamalogues
  38. Remarkablogger
  39. Thinking Out Cloud
  40. Black Flamingo
  41. The Kitchn
  42. The Next Right

Hungry for more? Here are another 38 blog names that are amazing.

List of 38 Really Good Blog Names to Give You Naming Ideas

One of the best ways to get cool ideas when you’re trying to come up with a memorable blog name is to get inspiration from existing blogs that have been creatively named.

To save you time from rummaging though Google, we’ve compiled a fantastic list of 38 really good names that are currently in the blogosphere.

  1. Fooducate
  2. Craftastrophe
  3. Laughing Squid
  4. Typographica
  5. Phoodie
  6. Memeorandum
  7. Jung at Heart
  8. Wisebread
  9. Pensieve
  10. Inhabitat
  11. Vanilla Garlic
  12. Symon Says
  13. Viva Visibility
  14. Bad Banana
  15. Infrastructurist
  16. Ethicurean
  17. Fashionologie
  18. Smitten Kitchen
  19. Fashion is Spinach
  20. Moolanomy
  21. The Daily Weekly
  22. Project Rungay
  23. GameSetWatch
  24. Economix
  25. Celebritology
  26. Poinography
  27. The Foodinista
  28. Learn to Duck
  29. Pearsonified
  30. Swissmiss
  31. Shelteriffic
  32. Photopreneur
  33. Seven Spoons
  34. Daily Cup of Yoga
  35. House of Spots
  36. Bargaineering
  37. PEA Soup
  38. Shanghaiist

As you can see, there’s a mix of different naming styles in these examples – proving that there are many ways to create a truly unique name for your blog.

Now, get your thinking caps on, and good luck in coming up with a top name.


Ways to Create a Completely Unique Blog Name

One of the best ways to get a totally unique name for your blog is to make up a brand new word that didn’t exist before.

This allows you to create unusually interesting names that are extraordinary, radically distinctive and the only one of its kind.

In addition, an original name that consists of only one word will tend to be short and often easier to remember if it is catchy or creatively composed with a clever meaning.

This may be done word by combining two or more words, or modifying an existing word in an ingenious way.

Meshing Words to Make New Ones

A good method of coming up with a name is to blend a couple of applicable words together, and use part of the meaning of each component word to establish the significance of the new one.

This result produced is called a portmanteau word and it generally combines both the meaning and sounds of both words. For example, ‘smog’ is a blend of ‘smoke’ and ‘fog’, ‘nutraceutical’ is a blend of ‘nutrition’ and ‘pharmaceutical’ and ‘wurly’ is a product of ‘wavy’ and ‘curly’.

Some of the most famous brand names in the world have been created using this technique of blending words, such as Microsoft, which was shortened from ‘microcomputer software’, and Accenture which is supposed to mean ‘accent of the future’.

Blog Names with Blended Words

You can create some really relevant names that sound great by choosing cool words and combining them in an innovative way. Here are some examples of great blog names that are uniquely constructed using this strategy:

Saveur – One of the leading food blogs that uses a culinary related term Savor (or Savour) as its root word and blends it with the ‘eur’ ending from Connoisseur.

Profashionelle – This fashion blog’s name has a great illustration of a 3-word combo that’s perfectly created by taking the ‘pro’ from professional, replacing ‘fession’ with ‘fashion’, and adapting the ‘al’ ending with ‘elle’, which is both a fashion related word/brand and the ending of ‘belle’.

Fashables – If needed, you can also shorten existing words to make up a new one. This adaptation of the word ‘fashionable’ adds an ‘s’ on the end to automatically convey that the blog covers all things that are fashionable.

Unique Names from Alternative Spellings

Wander vs Wonder – The word ‘wander’ may be appropriately used to replace phrases or terms that originally contained the word ‘wonder’, ie Wanderful, Wanderworld, Wanderwoman etc.

Write vs Right – As the name of a blog, ‘write’ may be a suitable word as part of a name. ‘Write Away’, ‘Write to Travel’ and ‘Travel the Write Way’ are some examples from travel blogs that use this approach.

Add Cool Sounding Suffixes to a Word

An easier way to create your blog’s unique name is to simply add trendy suffixes that make (some) sense to a root word.

-ista – The word Fashionista popularized the ‘ista’ suffix, especially for made up words related to the fashion world, eg. Trendista, Stylista etc.

-ati – From Glitterati and Twitterati to Bloggerati and more, this suffix fits nicely on most words that end with a ‘r’ and is appealing to the younger and a more Net savvy audience.

-azzi – Taken from the word ‘paparazzi’, this suffix has been adapted by geeks as well to form things like Twitterazzi, Glitterazzi, Bloggerazzi and the like.

-icious – This is one that food bloggers will naturally be attracted to, as it creates tasty names like Yummilicious, Cakelicious and Chocolicious.

Use Google to Check for Uniqueness

Once you’ve concocted your naming masterpiece, do a search for it in the search engines to see if it has been used at all and if so, in what context.

Ideally, you should not be able to find it in use as a name, but it is even better if Google does not return any results that match the word exactly.

Do a broad search by simply typing the word into the search bar, or add quotation marks around the word to perform a more precise exact search.

Plenty of Ways to Make a New Word

There are numerous options for you to be creative when naming a blog. It’s a good idea to read up and review the various methods so that you can make an informed choice in selecting the technique that you like best.

Some strategies will resonate with users in some verticals better than others. For example, a name created by adopting trendy and hip word mutations using urban slang will connect with the young but may not work well with older people.

As always, have your specific audience in mind at all times when crafting a name. Know who they are and what they like. Do your research thoroughly and you’ll find it much easier to be a naming wordsmith.

Interesting Blog Names attract more Traffic

There’s no doubt that an interesting blog name will get the attention of Internet users a lot more than a mediocre or boring one, so make sure you put a lot of thought into naming your blog.

This may be achieved by creating a unique, intriguing and unusual name that stands out from all the other blogs that are screaming for potential visitors to click on them.

Create Unique Names in Different Ways

You can use linguistic creativity, clever wittiness, funny word play and numerous other naming strategies to come up with an appealing name. Ideally, you should adopt a method that will suit your target audience’s preferences.

In fact, the naming technique and choice of words used in the name needs to resonate with whoever you’re trying to reach for them to find it interesting. So, balance your attention between trying to be a top wordsmith and understanding the profile of your users.

Choose an Appropriate Naming Style

Although a witty name may be fascinating to a learned scholar, it’s no use if your main market consists of young teens that don’t ‘get it’. Conversely, a crude name that may be amusing to hipster teenagers is unlikely to have the same appeal with a more mature crowd.

While a fascinating name may get your blog some attention, in order to be memorable and to have any long lasting value, it needs to resonate with the people who you want to be your readers. That’s how you’re going to get them to remember it. Or else, they may be initially enticed to check out your blog, but that’s about it.

Multiple Benefits of a Great Name

On the other hand, if you have a genuinely interesting name that’s catchy and unique, it’s going to make a notable impact on anyone who visits your site, and they’re going to make it a point to remember how to come back for more. Better still, they’ll be able to recall the name of your blog and share it with their friends even when they’re not in front of a computer.

This will allow you to get return traffic, which is extremely valuable, and at the same time, you’ll also be able to get new visitors from free word of mouth marketing as well.

More than Just a Name

A lot of bloggers think that a name is just a name and fail to put enough effort into getting an awesome name. These people have to live with their poor decision for the rest of their blog’s life, or face having to change its name sometime in the future, and go through enormous hassle, brand confusion and a potential decrease in traffic from lost search engine rankings.

Be wise and don’t make the mistake of underestimating the significance of your blog’s name. Spend a little time and effort when you’re starting a new blog to make sure you’ve got a name that the people you’re writing for will find interesting.

There’s no way you’ll ever regret investing resources to get a cool name, but it is highly likely that you’ll kick yourself for recklessly choosing a horrible name that you’re embarrassed to be associated with once the initial novelty has worn off.

How to Create a really Unique Name for your Blog

Bloggers need to take advantage of the benefits provided by a great name to attract visitors to their blogs, and help them to remember it, but most don’t have a clue about how to create a name that really stands out.

In fact, a blog’s name needs to do more than just be different from all the other blogs, the real challenge is to come up with a name that’s contextually relevant, sounds good and highly memorable.

So, what’s the best way to come up with a name that’s truly one of a kind?

Well, if you’re reading this article, you’re on the right track, as you should start out by picking up some blog naming tips and learn some tricks on how to construct an extraordinary name.

Here are 9 naming tips to bear in mind when you’re trying to find a unique name for your blog:

1. Don’t Source for Ideas from Similar Sites

Although it may be tempting and seemingly intuitive, try to avoid looking at the names of blogs in the same category as yours. In other words, if you’re starting a travel blog, then don’t get inspiration from the names chosen by other travel bloggers as you’ll inevitably end up with a similar name.

2. Avoid Descriptive Words and Phrases

There are probably lots of blogs that are already using descriptive names (ie ‘travel blog’, ‘budget backpacker’, ‘adventure traveller’, ‘family travel guide’ etc), so it’s highly likely you’ll have a name that’s not unique if you go for this naming strategy.

3. Do a Quick Search for your Chosen Name

To find out if a name you’ve created is actually unique, you need to check if anyone else is existingly using it. Just type it into Google and look at the top results. Chances are, if another blog is already using it, you will see it within the first few pages of the search results pages.

4.Perform a Search for the Exact Phrase

If you’d like to do a more precise search for the name you’re assessing, then put ‘inverted commas’ or ‘speech marks’ around it when conducting a search in Google. This is a useful technique when your chosen words or terms produce too many results, and you want to refine the search to match your exact phrase.

5. Adapt Ideas from Blog Name Generators

A blog name generator may churn out a unique name but it’s unlikely to be relevant to your blog. If you’d like to use one to get ideas, make sure you modify a naming style you like to incorporate words that are linked to your profile or your blog’s content and identity.

6. Use a Quirky Combination of Keywords

In contrast to descriptive phrases, you can create an unusual name by combining words in a unique way or pairing words that are not normally used together. This may be done in an endless number of ways, as long as the result is catchy, sounds good and makes a great name.

7. Be Creative in Constructing a Made Up Word

Some of the best and most unique names are made-up words that blend other words together in a really creative way. One effective method is to combine relevant suffixes with root words that are related to your blog. For example, ‘-ista’ taken from the word ‘fashionista’ is a popular suffix for fashion blogs. It can be combined with ‘style’, ‘trend’ and ‘glamour’ to produce ‘stylista’, ‘trendista’ and ‘glamourista’.

8. Spell a Word in an Unconventional Way

One of the tried and tested ways of creating a unique name for a brand, product or blog is to modify an existing word and spell it in a new way. A lot of Internet companies use this approach to craft clever looking names such Flickr, which drops the ‘e’ from the word ‘flicker’, and Fiverr which adds an additional ‘r’ to the word ‘fiver’.

9. Focus on what’s Special about your Blog

Ultimately, an awesome blog name needs to have a meaningful story behind it, so you should dig deep to pinpoint elements that are truly unique to your blog. Once you’re clear about the essence of how your blog is special, then choose one of the options discussed above to construct a name that’s based on its distinct qualities.

Many Roads Lead to Unique Blog Names

As you can see, there are lots of ways for a blog’s name to be unique. We have explored a handful of basic tactics to give you some ideas and inspiration, but there are plenty of other methods and good ways to create extraordinarily special blog names.

Be creative and use a naming strategy that you like, or come up with your own style and share it with us in the comments below.

The Benefits of a Blog Name that’s Unique

In order to compete with millions of other websites on the Internet, it can be hugely advantageous for a blog to have a unique name.

In contrast, having an average name that’s just like all the other mediocre blogs could seriously limit your chances of success.

Stand Out Above the Rest

By having a special name, it distinguishes you from the rest of the crowd and ensures that your targeted audience does not mistake another blog for yours.

With so many blogs around, there is a strong chance that there may be lots of names that are confusingly similar if you choose a name that’s quite common.

Ultimately, you want to select a name that is the only one of its kind where there can be no doubt that it refers to your blog and nothing else. In this way, you’ll be able to protect it as your brand and prevent others from copying it or infringing upon your rights in any way.

Create a Lasting Impression

As more and more blogs compete for the attention of web users, people find it increasingly difficult to remember the names of sites they visit, so it is vital for you to make an impact on visitors whenever they come to your site.

This may be achieved in a number of ways. You can have great editorial content, fantastic graphics, impeccable design and lots of bells and whistles to provide an amazing user experience to impress anyone who stumbles across your blog.

Memorability & Branding

But at the end of the day, you have to have an awesome name that people can remember, because that’s what they need to be able to come back to your site or tell their friends about it.

In addition, not only is a great name more memorable, it will also contribute towards generating a positive brand image and complement the content provided. It will differentiate your blog from others and make it truly distinctive.

Good & Bad Unique Names

The final thing to note is that a unique name is not necessarily a good name. Just because it’s radically different and highly unusual does not automatically make it a perfectly suitable name.

To be catchy and memorable, the name needs to resonate with your blog’s intended audience and be relevant. So, don’t just focus on making the name unique for the sake of it, but load it full of meaning that’s intricately linked to the identity of your blog.